Gas Turbine Monitoring

airsonic with probe fixed no markCombining our AirSonicAir Mass Flow Measurement System with the normal DCS data available from the OEM creates a very granular performance model of your Gas turbine.

The measured air mass flow rate completes the heat and mass balance, allowing the end user to quickly locate performance issues, quantify in real dollars the effects of repairs, and optimize everything from inlet cooling, water washing, combustion tuning, and emissions.

We will interface with your existing historian (Aspen, PI, Wonderware, etc) or your existing performance monitoring solution. We specialize in custom software integration to make our information seamless to your existing processes.

Inlet System

  • Filter Performance
  • Evaporative Cooler Performance
  • Chiller Coil Effectiveness
  • Static Duct Temperature
  • Inlet Duct Speed of Sound
  • Inlet Air Density
  • Inlet Air Speed vs IGV Angle
  • Vol Flow vs IGV Angle
  • Air Mass Flow Rate


  • Compressor Inlet Mass Flow Rate
  • Compressor Inlet Volumetric Flow Rate
  • Water Wash Improvement (Real Time)
  • Real Time Compressor Efficiency Model
  • Estimated compressor bleed valve flows
  • Compressor Discharge Pressure and Temperature Models


  • Turbine Inlet Temperature Calculation
  • Combustor Energy Flow Rate
  • Turbine Efficiency Model
  • Blade Path Temperature Analyzer


  • Exhaust Gas Mass Flow Rate
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Flow Rate
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Prediction
  • Exhaust Gas Backpressure Model
  • O2 prediction (ppm)