airsonic with probe fixed no markThe AirSonic™ is typically installed downstream of the inlet silencer and before the inlet volute of the gas turbine. The location will vary depending on the type of inlet and access. Typically, the installation location is the same across a particular type of gas turbine OEM.

We have extensive experience installing our ultrasonic probes in many different types of ducts and gas turbines including major OEM heavy duty gas turbine ducts such as GE, Alstom, Siemens, and Mitsubishi.



Horizontal Inlet Duct Installation Location


The typical installation for one unit is about 3 days, but can vary depending on the type of outage work being performed at the same time. We offer supervised and turnkey installation based on our customer’s schedule and budget. Each step is planned out whether the customer supplies the mechanical, electrical labor, and scaffolding or if turnkey is preferred. Both options can be customized and are heavily consulted before a decision is made. Regardless of the customer supplied installation or RTP, our field engineers will be onsite to supervise. Our goal is to always provide the best solution for our customer and fit their needs.


Vertical Inlet Duct Installation Location

An installation will work in several phases:

1. Pre-site survey (outside)
2. Outside scaffolding
3. Electrical – running conduit, mounting panel, running cables
4. Inside scaffolding – ½ day
5. Mechanical – installation of mounting assemblies – 2 days
6. Probe installation and laser alignment – ½ day
7. 3D laser post-probe installation survey and cleanup – ½ day

Typically, the unit would need to be down only for steps 4 – 7.

All of our field engineers are internally trained for site safety, including confined space, fall protection, etc. We bring our own PPE and our own commissioning tools for supervision. Our installation procedures detail the exact steps for all the electrical and mechanical work for your crews to perform the installation.